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Welcome to the Anglian branch of the National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA).

New recruit Winnie
starts her training

Each of the Search and Rescue Dog Associations (SARDA) is a voluntary organisation.  They are responsible for training and deploying air scenting search and rescue dogs.  These are well known for finding missing people in the mountains of Britain. What is less well known is they work in lowland, rural and urban areas. Search tasks are carried out year round in all weathers. As East Anglia has large areas of forest, farmland and coastline we have a role in supporting our Emergency Services.

We are also helping search for the missing airman from Honington.

Turning Lost
Into Found

Watson and Jack in their Safety Boots

Our dogs search in a variety of areas
some of which are hazardous.

Our Team is generously sponsored by


Our only funding is through donations from sponsors and the public. Please help us by giving a donation via the button below.
The money helps us train new search dogs and provide specialist safety equipment such as the boots Watson and Jack are wearing in the picture above