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Dog and handler

To ensure the Search and Rescue dogs are able to find missing persons they require lots of training. Not just to qualify but continuously through their active career.

We organise group training sessions every fortnight for the team and handlers will also work with their dogs between these sessions.

To train a dog it can take up to two years for them to reach a level where they can qualify.

As searches can often take place across rough terrain you need to be physically capable of working with your dog in such locations.

If you think you might like to train a dog we recommend that you attend at least one training session so that you are fully aware of the commitment you will be making.

Navigation Support

Alongside the dog and his handler we have the important role of Navigation Support who work in tandem with the Handler during a search. This role is still very demanding physically but is also extremely rewarding from the bond you build with the Dog and Handler to the membership of the team.

General Support

A body being found by Oscar

This role helps with training the dogs. This includes people who act as "bodies" for the dog to find during training sessions or provide backup logisitic support during a callout. The only requirement for these roles are a willingness to take part.

How do you join?

In the first instance send an email to info@nsarda-anglia.co.uk and we will get in touch with you to make arrangements for you to join us.